ASJ Meeting

54th Annual Meeting of ASJ was held onsite at Nagoya City University on 2022.08.20-21.
We sincerely thank all the attendees.

Next Meeting

The 55th meeting will be held at Aso Kumamoto Rinku Campus, Tokai University.
The meeting is so far scheduled on 24th and 25th August, 2023.
We welcome all the attendees and please wait further details to be announced.

Previous Meetings

53rd (20 Nov. 2021 online)
52th (21 Nov. 2020 online)
51st (24-25 Aug. 2018 at Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University, Yamagata)
50th (25-26 Aug. 2018 at Higashi-Senda campus of Hiroshima University, Hiroshima)
49th (4-5 Nov. 2017 at University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa)
48th (20-21 Aug. 2016 at Kashiwa Campus of the University of Tokyo, Chiba)
47th (22-23 Aug. 2015 at Kyoto Women's University, Kyoto)
46th (23-24 Aug. 2014 at Sakurayama Campus of Nagoya City University, Aichi)
45th (24-25 Aug. 2013 at Monobe Campus of Kochi University, Kochi)
44th (25-26 Aug. 2012 at Yamagata-shi Hoken Center, Yamagata)
43rd (27-28 Aug. 2011 at Koyama Campus of Tottori University, Tottori)
42nd (21-22 Aug. 2010 at Tokyo College of Environment, Tokyo)
41st (22-23 Aug. 2009 at Miyagigakuin Women's University, Miyagi)
40th (23-24 Aug. 2008 at Otemon Gakuin Osaka-Jo Square, Osaka)
39th (24-26 Aug. 2007 at Aso Campus of Kyushu Tokai University, Kumamoto)
38th - The 70th Anniversary Meeting - (26-27 Aug. 2006 at Kokubunji L Hall, Tokyo)
37th (27-28 Aug. 2005 at Takeno snorkel center visitor center, Hyogo)
36th (28-29 Aug. 2004 at Toyohashi Museum of Natural History, Aichi)
35th (22-24 Aug. 2003 at Nukabira Hot Spring Culture Hall, Hokkaido)
34th (24-25 Aug. 2002 at Kajiki-cho Bunka Kaikan, Kagoshima)
33rd (25-26 Aug. 2001 at Mielparque Okinawa, Okinawa)
32nd (25-27 Aug. 2000 at The University of Tokyo, Tokyo)
31st (20-22 Aug. 1999 at Hiroshima Environment and Health Association, Hiroshima)
30th (21-23 Aug. 1998 at Biwako Kusatsu Campus of Ritsumeikan University, Shiga)
29th (23-24 Aug. 1997 at Yokkaichi Municipal Museum, Mie)
28th (24-25 Aug. 1996 at Kokubunji L Hall, Tokyo)
27th (26-27 Aug. 1995 at Bandai Lodge of Toho University, Fukushima)
26th (20-21 Aug. 1994 at Ishikawa-ken Seinen Kaikan, Ishikawa)
25th (21-22 Aug. 1993 at Seminar House Mirai Juku, Wakayama)
24th (22-23 Aug. 1992 at Shinshu Kaikan, Nagano)
23rd (30-31 Aug. 1991 at Hakuto Kaikan, Tottori)
22nd (25-26 Aug. 1990 at Shakai Kyoiku Center, Kanagawa)
21st (19-20 Aug. 1989 at Miyazaki Kaikan, Miyazaki)
20th (20-21 Aug. 1988 at Ohzan Kaikan, Aichi)
19th (22-23 Aug. 1987 at Mutsumisou, Yamagata)
18th - The 50th Anniversary Meeting - (23 Aug. 1986 at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo)
17th (24-25 Aug. 1985 at Osaka)
16th (25-26 Aug. 1984 at Chiba Koseinenkin Center, Chiba)
15th (27-28 Aug. 1983 at Suizansou, Oita)
14th (21-22 Aug. 1982 at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto)
13th (22-23 Aug. 1981 at Yunotanisou, Niigata)
12th (23-24 Aug. 1980 at The Education Institute for Private Schools in Japan, Tokyo)
11th (25-26 Aug. 1979 at Ohzan Kaikan, Aichi)
10th (19-20 Aug. 1978 at Suizenji Kyosai Kaikan, Kumamoto)
9th (21-22 Aug. 1977 at The Education Institute for Private Schools in Japan, Tokyo)
8th (21-22 Aug. 1976 at Naniwa Kaikan & Osaka Museum of Natural History, Osaka)
7th (24 Aug. 1975 at Dohshin Kaikan, Mie)
6th (25-26 Aug. 1974 at The Education Institute for Private Schools in Japan, Tokyo)
5th (26 Aug. 1973 at Otemon Gakuin, Osaka)
4th (15 Oct. 1972 at Nagoya Kanko Kaikan, Aichi)
3rd (10 Oct. 1971 at National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo)
2nd (13 Oct. 1970 at Kyushu University, Fukuoka)
1st (15 Oct. 1969 at National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo)